Your Detox Diet After The Holiday Overeating

Beside a good opportunity to relax and spend a pleasant moments with your family , holidays, very often brings a big festive feast . “We overeat” is the most common answer when someone asks you how you spent your holiday time. Heavy and fatty foods , sweet and sour mixed with a lot of alcohol.

Symptoms of overeating

If you feel exhausted and sleepy without enough energy, accompanied by nausea, heartburn and headaches, surely you have exceeded the threshold of enjoyment of the well prepared roast meat, delicious salad and various tasty sweets. When you add all these symptoms to the changes in blood pressure, “diagnosis” of overeating is established. After such a hearty meal, nutritionists recommend immediately switching to an easy and balanced healthy diet coupled with adequate exercises.

Your Detox Diet After The Holiday Overeating

How to get a new energy

  • After D-Day you should immediately start the morning with orange juice or two glasses of lukewarm water with a drained lemon juice.
  •  Drink about 2 liters of water a day to cleanse your body and to eliminate toxins easier.
  • It is very important the first three meals to be light and small quantity combined with fruit snacks (apple, pear, kiwi, etc.).
  • This way you will hit back given the present free radicals with powerful antioxidants caused by this type of food.

Here is our recommendation for daily menu you should follow:


150 grams of fruit salad seasoned with 4 prunes or 2 tablespoons of muesli dipped in a cup of defatted yogurt.


1 banana, 2 tangerines or small fruit salad of pineapple , grapefruit and a combination to taste


Large plate with a mixture of lettuce, arugula, fresh spinach, shredded carrots, with olive oil and lemon juice, boiled vegetables and fresh salad


Combination of leeks, celery and zucchini is perfect for dinner on the first day of overeating. You may prepare some light vegetable soup.

A combination of celery, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, onions and a small potatoes boiled and blended with hand blender. Of course, during the day you can consume freshly squeezed juices and teas (ginger, mint, chamomile, green tea etc.). You should observe this way of eating at least a few days , which will enable your body quickly and firmly rehabilitation.

Remember: Optimal and well-balanced food is our fuel and a source of vitality and energy.


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