You Can Buy Oven Mitts With Swear Words

Even if you’re like me and you enjoy cooking, there are still times when the kitchen is your least favorite room in the house.

Maybe it’s when, no matter how many precautions you took, something went wrong and dinner is ruined. Or maybe it’s just the prospect of dicing a bell pepper for the millionth time.

Whatever it is, there are times in the kitchen when you just gotta drop a few f-bombs. And now, thanks to these oven mitts from online retailer Always Fits, you don’t have to!

1. Looks like we’re having takeout tonight.

2. Watch out, or you’re next.

3. Priorities

4. Got a picky eater? Show ’em this oven mitt.

5. Octodad

 6. When animals are your only friends.

7. The most important food group.

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