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With This Inexpensive Birdseed Weight Loss Mix You Will Improve The Liver And The Kidneys!

When we go to doctors because we feel bad about some part of the body they recommend us medicines that can help us.

But we rarely see a doctor explain to us that there are some natural products that can have the same effect on our body, or even a better effect.



The most common problem with drugs is that they cause secondary damage, especially in the stomach, liver and kidneys. And, for this reason it is better to substitute them for natural products since these have better benefits for the body without the risk of having future health problems. Nature gives us excellent food that helps us to stay in perfect condition. Sometimes doctors do not say anything about them because the pharmaceutical industry is a business that yields excellent profits. But not anymore! today we will teach you a natural food that is excellent for your health.

The birdseed mix will help you stay healthy and strong

This seeds are originally from the Mediterranean that is cultivated around the world and is commonly used to feed birds. But once you discover all the effects it has on the human body you will stop giving it to the birds and start adding it to your daily diet.

This seeds are known as the miraculous seed since among its main properties is that it has Omega 3 and Omega 9, these are beneficial fatty acids for the circulatory system, along with vitamins B and E and minerals such as manganese, zinc and calcium.

Benefits of birdseed mix for the body:

-It improves the digestive and intestinal system. For this reason it is excellent for improving problems of stomach, pancreas and even kidneys.
-The amino acids it possesses are better absorbed by the body.
-In 6 tablespoons of canary seed there is the same amount of protein as in 2 kilos of meat.
-Alpine milk combats high pressure, gastritis, ulcer and acts as a diuretic.
-Relieves the pains of cirrhosis and even stops its progress
-Improves diabetes

To get a better result and to get the most out of your benefits, we recommend you eat birdseed milk. We’ll show you how it’s done, take note.


-One liter of mineral water
-40 grams of almonds
-6 tablespoons of birdseed
-5 grams of pumpkin seeds


–In a container place the birdseed and cover it with water, leave to hydrate for the whole night.
-Boil a liter of water and when cool, add to the liquefied seeds and finally paste. -Finally, Put the canary milk in the blender along with the rest of the seeds and blend until all the ingredients are well blended.

How to consume:

-Take twice a day.
-Fasting and before going to sleep.
-Another option is to take only once a day at any of those two times mentioned above.
-With daily consumption you will notice great changes in your kidneys, liver and you will notice that you will lose weight because you will be expelling everything that the body does not need.

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