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Weight loss: Woman lost over five stone in a year and THIS is how she did it

WEIGHT loss: A woman has revealed how to lose weight using the diet plan and exercise regime she tried – and the simple tips could help those hoping to shed the pounds fast.

 Sharing before and after transformation pictures to Reddit, user ‘EdmontonAB83’ revealed she started at 210lbs (15stone) and is now 138lbs (9.8stone), a weight she achieved over the course of 12 months.Her goal weight is 125llbs (8.9stone), so she has another nine pounds to go.

Her photos quickly received over 2000 likes, and many comments asking how she did it and what tips she could share.

Explaining her plan, EdmontonAB83 said: “My routine was very simple; got a Fitbit and started getting 10k-16k steps a day.

“My diet was focused on CICO using my fitness pal app (free) and I went to my community drop in clinic because they have a free dietician once a week who answers any questions.

“Majority of the meals I made were from skinnytaste.com AMAZING recipes.”

Revealing her calorie goal, she told one commenter: “I’m on a 1200 cal daily diet, and I intermittent fast to allow my lunch and dinner to be a bit more satisfying for me.

“I enjoy cooking so I found this worked best and I didn’t have any difficulties with it.

“I weigh all my food, that’s the only way to have an accurate account of what you are taking in.

“I stopped buying lunches or snacks out, packed my meals and took with me every chance I got, even to football games.

Gentle exercise was also a part of EdmontonAB83’s routine, and she said: “I too do yoga, I found it really helped my back pain.

“Get moving! I started walking, walking absolutely everywhere! I mainly did this because I was so out of shape but I think it can’t hurt either.

“Plus hey if it gives more of a caloric deficit that again bad either! Just try not to justify exercising by eating more.

“My calories burned I never eat back, unless it’s a very special occasion.” (sic)

The final piece of advice EdmontonAB83 had was to avoid negative people, and she explained: “Remember don’t let anyone sabotage you, learn to say no to things that will derail you.

“Stay focused on your goals. We all have it in us to do this and ultimately do it for your health, that’s the most important thing we have.”

If you are concerned about your waistline, there are three key exercise moves to try to help lose belly fat fast.


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