Veteran Takes Service Dog Into Prison – Instantly Runs At Inmate

Dogs really are the kindest souls in the world. It’s amazing how they’re able to transform our lives for the better, and how they love us, unconditionally, no matter who we are or what we do.

Service dog Pax is no exception. When he was paired with veteran Bill Campbell, he helped transform life for the brave former soldier, giving him the emotional strength he needed to move forward.

However, Bill would soon discover that he was not the only person Pax had helped along the road to recovery.

When Iraq war veteran Bill Campbell returned home to the United States, he was in a bad place. During his time in service, he sustained a traumatic concussive brain injury so severe that he returned home with 100% disability.

His post-combat stress impacted him to the point where the now 47-year old could barely leave his home in Washington State. His family was concerned about his state of mind and his quality of life moving forward.

Luckily, their minds were put at ease when Bill received Pax, a fully trained PTSD service dog. The loyal golden labrador was able to give Bill the emotional strength to move on with his life in a way that he couldn’t had imagined when he first returned to U.S soil.

Bill was so grateful for Pax that he was determined to meet the woman who had trained him. So, Bill and Pax made the journey to Bedford Hills Women Correctional Facility.

Instant recognition

When they reached the facility, it was clear that Pax remembered his time spent there. Even more than that, he couldn’t wait for a reunion with his old friend. His tail was wagging like crazy and his excited eyes were darting around, searching desperately for his former trainer, a woman named Laurie Kellogg.

Finally, Pax spied Laurie out for a run in the prison grounds. He darted away and showered Laurie with kisses.

“He gave me a sense of freedom”

After the emotional reunion, Laurie and Bill greeted each other and the three of them went to the building where 27 inmates of the facility train future service dogs.

Laurie, who was handed care of Pax just three weeks after her father died, explained the impact he had on her.

“I too had P.T.S.D. after years of domestic violence. I too had flashbacks,” she told Bill.

“Pax knew, and he let me know I wasn’t there — I was here. I knew he would make someone feel safe. He made me feel a sense of freedom in a place I was supposed to feel anything but.”

Watch the clip below to see the tearful reunion for yourself:

Service dogs like Pax help to improve the lives of countless people, in ways most of us can’t comprehend. Admit it, you were moved by Bill and Laurie’s emotional stories, and the way that Pax helped them get back on track.

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