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This Is What McDonald’s So Called ‘’Burgers’’ Contain!

Many rumors occupy McDonald’s door these days. The main question is in the focus of what they put in their burgers. Most probably they use mechanically separated meat and pink slime.

After those suspicions  the company decided to launch a PR campaign named Our Food. Your Questions. The idea of this campaign was to allow customers to see the process of food preparation. McDonald’s refused the accusation that they use pink slime in their burgers. But, there are absolutely other questionable ingredients that they have confirmed using!

They declared that they are using a chemical additive Azodicarbonamide in their buns. Did you know for what is used this substance? The answer is –  for making yoga mats. So, just think, is it possible that yoga-mat buns are really harmless? However, they assure their customers that adding rubber to food is completely safe and it has no harmful consequences.

This Is What McDonald's So Called ‘’Burgers’’ Contain!

This Is What McDonald’s So Called ‘’Burgers’’ Contain!

Also they explained that there are different uses for this for this substance, and they gave an example with salt. The salt used for food is not the same as the one used for de-icing the sidewalk. The same is applied for ADA, it has various uses.

This popular company also admitted to using dimethylpolysiloxane in their food, which is an anti-foaming agent in their McNuggets frying oil. However, they still claim that their beef is 100% pure beef meat. In the opinion of the chief brand manager of the company, customers should not jump into conclusions before getting to know them.

source: healthfitpoint.com

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