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The Honey Can Save Lives! Read More

Honey is more than just sweet natural liquid in the kitchen. It is amazing, healthy, tasty and medicinal even.

Years back it was mainly known as cure and was golden liquid per se! it has amazing shelf life when stored in sealed jar and dark places. It never gets rancid.

For best benefits of the honey, get it raw and unfiltered, organic for more bioactive items inside. Do not expose it to heat since the best items will be diminished.

It is more than a natural sugar. Here are the uses of it:


No need for antihistamines and nose sprays or pills. The honey makes antibodies that shield you from pollen.


Skip the morning coffee and energy sodas, eat honey and get all the best carbs and natural sugars. Have it before you go to work and have more energy and wakefulness.


It has antioxidants that soothe and nurture the brain. Honey is loaded with these and makes you with sharp memory after just spoonful daily.

Common cold

It can suppress the cold so no more harsh meds and damaged immunity.


No more sedatives and sleeping pills. Get honey and fall asleep faster and sounder. It produces more serotonin that turns to melatonin for better sleep, the chemical for sleeping.

Acid reflux

Get spoonful a day and stop this reflux.


Avoid the shampoos for dandruff and avoid their chemicals that irritate the head. Science said that diluted honey removes the scalp flakes after a few weeks.


Healing wounds have never been easier since honey disinfects bacteria in wounds, like the methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus. In case of burns, get manuka honey.


No more herpes meds. Apply honey on the sore and fluids will be gone. The honey sugar also makes the herpes cells to grow less and less.


Honey is a medicine for many health issues. It is healthy and beats any drug there is, also it has no side effects and is safe for every person.

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