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The Best Cancer Cure on Earth – a Kernel

Dr. Ernest Krebs was biochemist in the 50s and he wanted to know what makes cancer cells.

He might have discovered the reason. He thought cancer is metabolic issue due to a bad dietand he started exploring the habits of Hunzas people in North Pakistan.

Hunzas and apricot kernels link

Major Sir Robert McCarrison wrote and studied a lot on the Hunzas back in the 30s, linked to the Indian Medical Service of course. As to him, they were almost in perfect health both body and mind and some were even 135 years old. They had no diabetes, heart attacks, obesity and no cancer.

Why? They ate healthier! The diet is simple. It is made of raw milk, seldom some meat and bone broth, veggies and grains. They ate almost no sugar and moved a lot. Also they ate a lot of apricot kernels! Krebs studied more on the tumor enemy – amygdalin.


What is amygdalin?

This item is seen in over 1.200 edible plants and this lacks in the USA diets. The most doses of this are in the enzymes of apricot kernels.

The item laetrile was made by Krebs and extract form amygdalin is gotten of the kernels. The amygdalin is nitriloside and resembles B complex vitamin. That is why Krebs named this B17.

Why is this kernel killing cancer?

The amygdalin in the kernel and the laetrile have 4 power items: 2 are benzaldehyde and cyanide. Cyanide makes the kernels powerful against cancer and even breast cancer.

Healthy foods like millet, almonds, lima beans, sprouts, spinach, bamboo shoots have the cyanide and are safe! The cyanide is locked and harmless when with other molecules. Also, rhodanese is enzyme that catches free cyanide molecules and makes them harmless.

The cancer cells are not normal, they have beta-glucosidase and this lacks in healthy cells. Also this is named unlocking enzyme for the benzaldehyde and cyanide. Then this beta-glucosidase unlocks amygdalin in cancer cells, toxic process is made and this aims for the cancer. Together with the rhodanese and other enzymes, healthy cells stay intact.

Laetrile – potential cancer cure

The laetrile was available until 1971 when FDA banned it in USA. It is not hard to get the laetrile and the kernel is the best way to get amygdalin. You can get them in health stores and they are not expensive.

Clinics outside US where laetrile therapy is still safe, do exist! Also laetrile is used with other therapies like sodium bicarbonate 4.

If you think this is good for you, read all the facts for dosage and side effects. Talk with an expert or a doctor.

There is still a mystery on whether Hunzas were in good health due to this kernel or not. But it is certain that their mobility, healthy foods and stress free life made them the way they are.

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