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The Benefits of Pistachios

If you need a snack like nuts and seeds, you must be worried of the calories in these things.

Get a handful of pistachios! Experts compare them to Brazil nuts, cashews, pecans, hazelnuts, almonds and other nuts and say that the pistachio has the least calories, just 160 per 1 oz serving.

Another thing that is great about these nuts is they can be found all year round and they thrive in every season. They are sold in every shop and market so it is not hard to find them anywhere. Also, you can find them shelled, salted, unshelled and sweetened.

It is a great idea to stay away of salted and sugared pistachios, to avoid the sugars and salt in the diet. Usually, people like them shelled and this is not making it hard for you to open them, the shells are already half-way open.

Like other nuts pistachios are good as a snack, for baked goods and desserts too. They are crushed for salads, yoghurt, oatmeal and other meals too.

These ae the benefits:

Lower cholesterol

The healthy fats in the pistachios lower the cholesterol, experts say. You want less bad cholesterol to keep the heart healthy too and stop the risk of a heart attack, stroke and other issues.

Pretty skin

Not just the heart, but the skin benefits too. With the healthy fats in the pistachios, the skin is softer and shinier. Also there are many antioxidants that fight the free radical damage and keep the skin cells healthy. To keep the skin good, eat pistachios.

Less weight

Instead of bag of chips get a handful pistachios to lose the extra weight. They have little calories and fats and almost no cholesterol. The fibers and fats in the pistachios make you feel fuller and stop you from cravings all day long.

Better digestion

The best thing about pistachios is that they have fibers a lot. Fiber foods are great for the digestion. They make the bowels better and more regular and also remove constipation and toxins too.

Lower anemia risk

The deficit in iron means anemia and this is lower blood cell count than it is normal. For more iron of the foods we eat, munch up pistachios. They also give you copper, the vital mineral for absorbing iron.

Better eyesight

The zeaxanthin and lutein are the antioxidants that keep the eyes healthy, and both these are found in pistachios. Add them in the diet and lower the age related issues risks like macular degeneration.

Men vitality

Men who have lowered libido or erection problems will benefit of pistachios only when eaten regularly. In a 2011 study was said that men who ate pistachios had better libido, more blood flow and better blood flow.

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