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Surprising Reasons Your Pet Is Good for Your Health

Everyone who have a pet, whatever it is a cat or dog,  knows how they make them happy . However, believe it or not, besides that unconditional love – they can also cure diseases and disorders, can help you progress and prevent heart attack and stroke . This is what all pets can do for us:

Reduce stress

Studies have shown that people, who perform a stressful task, are feeling much less discomfort and anxiety when they are with their pets. In some rehabilitation hospitals are allowed to bring a pet and very often they are recommended as a therapy.

Surprising Reasons Your Pet Is Good for Your Health

Reduce blood pressure

Some studies also shows that pets can be very curative, usually with hypersensitive or people with a high risk of high blood pressure. It has been shown that when you have a dog around, your pressure is low. Some says that you can lose everything, but the affection of your medical friend never.

Relieves pain

The best cure for migraine and arthritis is a pet that affects you as Valium. Valium reduces anxiety and when it does, there is no pain. In one study has shown that patients in the postoperative recovery didn’t need so much medication, when they have a pet at their side.

Reduce cholesterol levels

This is especially for men – if you have a pet, cholesterol levels are significantly reduced, as well as triglycerides. However, in this case there is no precise information about the reason – is it because of the pet or because people who have a pet has a healthier lifestyle.

Improve your mood

People with pets laugh very often and therefore they have a better mood. When you come back at home from work, you’re a real star, no one can be happier than your pet. Therefore, they are used in all kinds of therapy. Also, it is easier to get in social life and start conversation with completely unknown person, the suicide rate is lower (confirmed in an experiment in which participated the soldiers with post-traumatic stress ) . The animal looks for loyalty and care, and provides the same.


When you’re walking with your dog at least a few people who want to talk with you . You don’t need to become friend with any of them but you will surely learn all the secrets of short talks or to bypass the uncomfortable silence or start a conversation with someone. Your pet may also be the only reason for your friendships with the neighborhood.

Reduce stress and tension

Pet owners have lower pressure and less stress hormones in the blood. The presence of a pet is more efficient than the presence of a friend or spouse when it comes to mitigating the effects of stress and their effect on the heart. Pets encourage self-confidence and peace to the owners.

Lower the risk of depression

Older people who have pets are less depressed than those who do not have them, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatric Association. Cindy Adams, professor at Ontario Veterinary College and a specialist for human and animals relations believes that the positive effects of keeping animals originate from the fact that they‘re focusing on something else , and not to themselves . “They distract our minds from own problems, illness, pain, etc.,” says Prof. Adams.

Helps in development of the children

When the child is related to the cat or dog, it is much easier for him to learn how to expresses the feelings and to come together with all living beings. It is scientifically proven that all pets help the development of autistic children and children with ADHD because they’re learning them to accept responsibility.

Surprising Reasons Your Pet Is Good for Your Health


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