Repair The Kidneys With A Simple 1 Item

Foods we eat is digested with enzymes and hormones of the endocrine system.

The sodium bicarbonate is made in kidneys and with the pancreas it dissolves foods.

Sodium of the pancreas keeps kidneys safe from damages.

If your diet has fats, sugars, fried foods, the pancreas and kidneys overwork and make less sodium.

Kidney diseases are due to low bicarbonate or metabolic acidosis.

When we lack this item, we cannot make acids neutral and this damages organs and kidneys.

Back in 2009, UK experts of Royal hospital London, said bicarbonate stops kidney issues.

An item like baking soda is healthy if used well, said Magdi Yaqoob, nephrology prof. and director of Renal medicine and transplantation dept. Bartshealth NHS UK.


Dissolve one pinch baking soda under tongue.

Also get ½ tsp soda and ½ tsp sea salt for 1.5 l water daily. Follow this for 3 days.

Then reduce dosage to ¼ tsp baking soda and 1/3 tsp salt.

This is not fit for everybody. It is powder form and can upset sensitive belly and make nausea.

But is not toxic and everyone can taste this and neglect nausea. It keeps kidneys and endocrine health well.


Tests are needed for the analysis of bicarbonate effects.

To repair damage of kidneys, remove unhealthy habits, remove fats and sugar, salt, tea. Also eat protein moderately in a day and avoid overload in kidneys.

Eat B complex foods, fiber, grains, veggies, fruits.

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