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Place Onion Neck Before Bedtime – It Sounds Strange, But It Helps

Have you heard of onions in people considered ‘light against seven diseases’? And so it is. It sounds incredible, but with the help of onions you can make normal operation of the thyroid gland! This is a simple but very effective method.

Since ancient times it is known that onions cleanses the skin, kills bacteria, helps purify the blood and as a result of phosphoric acid.

Our suggestion is to try this method as an aid in the treatment of thyroid gland.

For this you will need an onion!

Before going to bed, cut more onion in half and wait to release juice from both halves.

With circular movements massage the neck with both halves of onions in the thyroid gland.

The onion has a number of useful properties, purify the air, kills pathogenic bacteria, cleans the blood and the like.

It contains many vitamins and minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, vitamin C, K and B6. Onions will help keep you healthy and prevents the development of some chronic diseases.

source: grabyourhealthy.com

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