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Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s last meal throws up more questions than answers

With FBI trying to mark through the motive and intentions of Stephen Paddock, new leads have emerged that are putting more doubts than clarifications in the minds of the investigation officials.
The alleged in-room dining bill is the latest clue that is serving more doubts and puzzles than leads to unearth Paddock’s motive.

But doubts loom large over the receipt’s veracity as the bill shows two guests—which possibly could mean two things. One that the bill isn’t authentic or mistakenly makes a reference of two guests or maybe, he had two visitors who could be connected to Paddock and knew about his intentions.

A room service receipt supposedly from the Las Vegas Strip hotel reveals an order fit enough for two people to consume, which begs the question whether Paddock had visitors or associates involved directly or indirectly in the shooting massacre.

A prayer vigil was organized a day later for the victims of the Las Vegas Shooting.Image Source: Getty

Even hotel records reveal two people paid a visit. Paddock had apparently ordered an Angus double burger with provolone, a bagel and cream cheese, potato soup, San Pellegrino mineral water and two Pepsi drinks. The total amounted to $94.33.

Tony had posted the image on his facebook page before deleting it.Image Source:

Hotel employee Tony Hernandez Armenta had posted the receipt on his Facebook page before deleting it. The alleged receipts show Paddock was in the room on September 27. However, the police had previously said he checked in on September 28.

The receipt also discloses the name of the server; someone by the name of ‘Antonio’ and the ‘table’ listed as 32135—the room where Paddock checked in. The document is tagged with IRD_MB—claimed to stand for “In Room Dining, Mandalay Bay”.

The bill’s authencity hasn’t been denied or confirmed by authorities.Image Source:

Other screen grabs of Armenta’s Facebook page show that he holds a job at the hotel. Armenta also allegedly claimed to have served food to Paddock in his suite on the 32nd floor.

Alongside the image, Armenta wrote a caption in Spanish that stated: “I think I talked to the Mandalay Bay Assassin, and I was alone with him for several minutes. I have goosebumps knowing that I was his waiter in the same suite where he did the shooting.You never know who you are dealing with in this job.”

Investigations are currently underway to understand the real motive of Stephen Paddock.Image Source: Getty

Neither the hotel nor police have commented on the receipt.

With no history of criminal records or mental disability, what could be the reason that drove Paddock to commit the crime? Watch this video here:

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