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How I Lost Weight Eating Real Food: 5 Lifestyle-Changing Things

Are you trying so hard to lose some weight using different diets and exercises, but again and again you are not satisfied when you see yourself in the mirror ? But don’t discourage yourself, maybe there is something you’re not doing properly. That’s why today we are going to share with you a experience of a woman who succeed to lose some weight eating real food.

How I Lost Weight Eating Real Food: 5 Lifestyle-Changing Things

So, here are 5 lifestyle-changing things she did – and continue to do. As she said – it helps her to be at her to her best weight ever:

  1. Cut portions in half. Everything, even fruits and vegetables, in order to get out of that “all-you-can-eat” mentality. I plan to do another post with more detail and showing what these portions look like, but suffice it to say that my portion sizes had crept up over the years and needed to be cut back. It was just easy for me to tell myself to halve everything. I’ve already tried diets where you writing things down, weigh and/or measure your food. These things aren’t sustainable for me. But eating half a hamburger or only one slice of pizza? Easy. And it’s still easy- but eating smaller portions is a lifestyle change that I have to keep up because TV, magazines, blogs, and restaurants constantly skew the portions to bigger amounts.
  2. Eat real, whole foods. I cook with butter, bacon, coconut oil and olive oil. I’ve moved to more and more whole foods over the life of this blog, including whole milk and cream, cheeses, and eggs (of course, vegetables and fruits are part of this, too, but that’s not the different part {smile}) and I lost weight eating these foods. That didn’t change. BUT- I was eating these foods a year ago when I was at a weight I wasn’t comfortable with, so this alone won’t help you lose weight. My point is, real food should be part of a healthy, sustainable, weight loss plan. Weird, processed, fake, or nutritionally light “diet”foods should not.How I Lost Weight Eating Real Food: 5 Lifestyle-Changing Things
  3. Limit carbs and focus on protein. Not Atkins, South Beach, or “paleo,” but when a choice of food needs to be made, I go for a protein. Nuts have become my go-to snack instead of crackers or toast. Half an apple alone never satisfied me in the past, but one with a tablespoon of nut butter will. I don’t care about the buns on hamburgers, so it’s easy for me to use a lettuce leaf instead. We don’t eat a lot of pasta, and when we do, I try to have more sauce than noodles. I make sure I eat the protein and vegetable in a meal first, so if I get full, it’s the carb I’ll leave. But when I do want the carb, I eat it – but just a little. I find that the protein (and good fat) fills and satisfies me, so I don’t need to overload on carbs.
  4. Cut down on sweets. Well…duh. This one is typical, I guess. Except that I didn’t cut sugar out altogether. We still end our meals with a piece of dark chocolate. Some nights we have a few chocolate chips (about 1/8 cup measured out) when we’re watching TV and once a week we have ice cream (often homemade with real cream- and no machine). I’ve never gone to someone’s house and refused dessert saying, “sorry, I’m dieting.” I have a very small portion and then I’m satisfied. See what I mean about real life, real food, and really sustainable?How I Lost Weight Eating Real Food: 5 Lifestyle-Changing Things
  5. Use easy “rules” and tricks. I’ve developed some habits that work for me- things I either really thought about or that have developed over the last year and work well towards losing weight and keeping it off.
How I Lost Weight Eating Real Food: 5 Lifestyle-Changing Things

How I Lost Weight Eating Real Food: 5 Lifestyle-Changing Things

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