Goodbye Dental Implants, Grow Your Own Teeth In Just 9 Weeks

Today, we can say Goodbye to expensive dental implants, thanks to this futuristic discovery by dentist, a way to grow your own teeth in just 9 weeks.


Dr. Jeremy Mao from the Columbia University led a team of scientists which made an incredible discovery. The team built a tooth “scaffold” from stem cells, which is then placed and grows over the template. As Dr. Mao explains it:

“We replace the missing tooth with stem cells, which merge to the surrounding tissue. In this way, a regeneration process is stimulated, resulting in regrowth of a new tooth. All of this happens in a record time.”

This innovative procedure can be a replacement for expensive dental surgeries for replacement of missing/broken teeth. Due to the fact that dentists have limited procedures they can use at the moment, the final cost is usually very high.

This new method can treat everything, from broken bones to genetic disorders because it is a result of years and years of stem cell research. Sure, if you chose a dental treatment you`ll receive it the same day, so you won`t have to wait for 9 weeks. But the stem cells teeth are more natural and long lasting, most of us would probably prefer replacement tooth from our own stem cells, instead of artificial ones.

According to Dr. Mao, the entire procedure is not available for the public at the moment, because it`s still in research phase. But he hopes that it will become a part of dental surgeries very soon.

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