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Five Ways Protein Can Help You Lose Weight Naturally

Diets can be difficult to stick with, especially when they leave you hungry all the time. The high protein diet helps you lose weight while keeping you full, so you never feel like you have to snack.

Have you tried losing weight through fad diets or extreme calorie crunching? Maybe you’ve already tried to increase your protein intake by buying expensive protein based supplements or engaging the services of your own, personal nutritionist.How about a better idea? Scrap the diets and the calorie counting, save the money on the supplements and the nutritionist and simply eat more protein instead!It’s easy; there are so many protein rich foods out there, you can find a list of them here.

  • Meat – don’t overdose on red varieties, like lean beef however chicken, turkey and pork are great sources!
  • Fish – salmon, sardines, swordfish, sole – you can even get protein from fish that doesn’t start with S.
  • Eggs
  • Dairy 
  • Legumes – such as lovely lentils and charming chickpeas, perhaps you can even have a helping of humus.

Those of you on a low-carb diet can choose the fattier cuts, with leaner options for those on a higher carb diet.  This way, your protein intake can stay high, whilst your calorie count stays under control.

1.      Protein and Weight Regulating HormonesOne of the reasons we can struggle to lose weight is because we are hungry. Is there anything worse than knowing that the lunch you are desperate for consists of a couple of lettuce leaves and a tomato?This is where protein consumption can offer great benefits. Protein offers a double whammy of a solution.  Not only does it keep at bay the gremlin of the hormone world, ghrelin, but it also increases your saintly satiety, or appetite reducing, hormones.Put simply, if you are not hungry that triple sized milk shake, cream filled doughnut or extra-large chocolate bar lose their appeal.

2.      Time for the TechnicalDigesting your food uses up calories.  This is called the thermic effect of food.  It’s not as effective as running a marathon, but causes far less blisters.  Compared to carbs and fat, protein is the gold medal winner when it comes to thermic effect.In fact up to a third of its calories disappear in aiding digestion.

3.      Protein – the Nemesis of CaloriesStudies show that when people eat more protein, their calorie intake reduces. This can be nearly a quarter of the weight maintaining figure of around 2000 (2500 for men).  Imagine that, consuming over 400 fewer calories without any obvious dieting or calorie counting!

4.      No More Late Night SnackingYou know the feeling, the diet’s going well, but you just have to have something to fill the gap.  And what you really want, late at night, is a nice sandwich.  Out comes the slice of bread, the filling and all those delicious calories you’ve been avoiding, but the craving remains.  You decide to make another, and that really will be it.  Oh, what does it matter? Suddenly half the loaf and a jar of mayonnaise have disappeared.Studies have shown that a high protein diet reduces this need to snack. A further study, this time of teenage girls, showed that a high protein breakfast is best of all. So go on, break out those eggs.

5.       Protein is the Winner in the Battle of the CaloriesBecause protein both reduces the calories you take in, and increases the number you use up, there is no pressing need to get out the calculator and spend hours working out how many grains of rice you can eat with your low-fat tofu and sugar free sauce.Simply by increasing your protein intake, you will lose weight. Studies demonstrated typical losses of a pound a week by doing this. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but over three months you are more than a stone down.With no special effort or struggle required.That way, the weight is more likely to stay off, since you have not had to endure calorie austerity. The high protein diet offers many benefits – it reduces the bouncy belly, and stops build-up of dangerous fats around the organs. But most of all, it is a pain free way to lose weight.

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