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Drink This Morning Smoothie And Live Healthy

Morning is most important part of day for modern people are occupied with much works and activities.

No so rare in the half of the day, they feel debilitated and need more energy and motivation to finish all their daily activities. Here is suggestion how to start the day with full energy equipment and to finish it without feeling exosted, boring or frustration.

Mornings starts differently for everyone. For some of us usual working days obligate us to be waked up before 7am. In other days and for other categories of people (like students, young unemployed people, old people, pensioners etc.) the day starts earlier or late than 7 am. In any cause the suggestion is the first thing when you wake up is to take smoothie. The recommended dose for smoothie is 250 to 500 ml. in composition of this grocery:


If you want to help your body in the fight with viruses the first thing you should do is to put in spinach in your daily menu. Spinach helps you to have healthy boons and helps the function of you hearth. Despite the C and A vitamin, spinach also contain folic acid with is noble for your nerve system. To improve your concentration and co-native aspects, consume spinach every day as fresh vegetable in the mix of fruits and vegetables that contains your morning smoothies.


In lieu of water for preparing you morning smoothie use fresh orange juice. You should drain few oranges (3-4) in a separate container than add it in the container with the other vegetables before you mix it. Oranges are rich with vitamin C that is ally with your immunity system. The other acquisition from the oranges is the sweet and appealing taste and smell.


Our body has need from magnesium. In the aim of improving the work of the digestive system you should consume at least one banana per a day. Bananas are rich with magnesium and other vitamins as calcium, cilium and so one. In every smoothie the taste of the bananas are dominant and they give special texture of the drink.


Kids’ love are strawberries. They aren’t just delicious because of their sweet taste and fresh smell. But also the consummation of the strawberries has much to do with the healthy status of your organism. Strawberries low down the risk of cancers, hearth attacks, they cure your reproductive system and are recommended for people with diabetes because of their power to balance the sugar in the blood.  If you can’t find fresh strawberries, than you can use frozen (no more than 2/3)


The minimal dose of vitamin C needed for the organism can be satisfied consuming just two kiwis for day. Kiwi helps you in the period of viruses. You will come out easily and faster from the fight with virus infection diseases. Don’t let yourself the start of your day be without kiwis.

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