Detox Your Body Completely Through The Feet, Here Is How

According to the Center for Disease Control, 85 percent of all illness is connected to the toxins in our bodies.

That is why there is substantial movement to detoxification. You need only to soak the feet with the right ingredients in an ionic bath. If the water gets color while soaking the feet, it is a result from a chemical reaction which creates rust.


There are 2 metal electrodes with negative and positive current where when they come in contact with water that contains salt there happens electrolysis and for that reason the electrodes begin to rust. It does not mean that the salt detox-bath does not have therapeutic effect. It is even used by some patients to help with the negative effects from chemotherapy.

The following method is great for relaxing the tendons and muscles with are overworked.

Needed ingredients:

-1/3 cup of ACV;
-Quarter cup of baking soda;
-Quarter cup of Epsom salt;
-Quarter cup of Himalayan salt;

Mix all of the ingredients in hot water.
-In order to increase the effects, it is better to use hot water instead of warm one.
-If you use tap water, it contains fluoride and chlorine that needs to be dealt you should add four to six tbs. of bentonite clay to absorb the toxic chemicals.
-Do not overdo this method, but start with ten minutes at first and gradually increase up to thirty minutes.

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