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9 Signs Your Blood Sugar Is Way Too High

The blood in our body naturally contains sugar in the form of glucose.

The right balance of blood sugar in our bodies provide the necessary energy to the organs and the body’s cells.

In order to keep the blood sugar levels in the balanced range, the body needs insulin. Insulin is a hormone which delivers the blood sugar throughout the body.

People who suffer from type one diabetes, the immune system attacks the cells in the pancreas that are responsible for the production of insulin.

In the case of type two diabetes the body produces the insulin, however, it can’t properly deliver it.

What Causes High Blood Sugar?
When we are sick the body produces hormones to combat the illness. Such case can end up triggering high blood sugar. The same goes for stress as well!

Other causes of increased blood sugars are:

– Consuming more carbohydrates than normal
– Lack of insulin or oral diabetes medication
– Surgery or injury
– Lack of activity or exercise
– Infection or Illness
– Some medications

When the blood sugar is too high in time the blood vessels become damaged, therefore this can lead to numerous complications.

High blood sugar levels can cause stroke or heart attack, kidney problems, kidney failure and even damage to the vision.

Also, it is common to cause nerve problems in the skin, leading to sores and infections.

Recognizing the symptoms early can prevent a lot of problems and complications!

1. Numbness, Burning Or Tingling

High blood sugar can cause numbness, tingling or burning in the legs, feet, and hands. This is caused by diabetic neuropathy, which is a complication of diabetes.

2. Constant Hunger

When there are no proper blood sugar levels the body doesn’t receive the necessary amounts of nutrients and the energy levels fall down. Therefore, the body is looking for an alternative energy source and creates content cravings.

3. Frequent Urination

High sugar can end up in the urine and the kidneys which lead to frequent urination.

4. Increased Thirst

In the correlation with the frequent urination, the body needs replacement of the fluids and requires more water.

5. Unexplained Weight Gain or Loss

When high imbalance blood sugar is present, the body’s cells don’t get the proper amount of glucose, therefore, the body burns fat and muscle instead, in order to create energy. This is the case where sudden weight loss appears.

6. Fatigue

As we mentioned the body cant properly produce energy and that leads to content fatigue.

7. Difficulty Concentrating

High blood sugar can cause difficulty concentrating and problems with memory.

8. Slow Healing

The nerves can be significantly damaged by the high blood sugar and that is the reason in this case why the body can not heal normally.

9. Dizziness Or Blurred Vision

Unbalanced blood sugar levels could be the main cause for both of these symptoms. Especially when they appear all of a sudden.

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