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7 Reasons why water is the source of life!

Water is a source of life and is represented in more than half in our body.

But its qualities are much wider than we think, from treating headaches, by resolving skin irritations, to strengthening immunity.
We present some incredible effects on the water …

1. He melts the fats
The water is far from any diet. Drink water before each meal and get rid of excess pounds.
It has been proven that drinking water before eating reduces appetite and thus enters a small amount of food.

2. Helps with headache
If you have ever encountered a situation in the middle of working hours to massage your head and head off your head to work and stress, drink a few glasses of water before drinking a tablet. One of the first signs of dehydration of your body is precisely the headache.

3. Helps with skin problems
The lack of fluid in the body dries the skin, weakens its protective function which can lead to damage such as dermatitis or psoriasis.

4. Improves concentration
Dehydration can disrupt and reduce your mental abilities as well as memory.
Our body contains about 75% of water, while this precious liquid occupies 85% of our brain, which makes it very sensitive in reducing fluid in the body.

5. Strengthens immunity and expels toxins
Maintaining a sufficient level of fluid strengthens the immunity that the body helps to fight infections. Water also cleanses the body, which means it is very important to enable the body to function normally.

6. Increases the energy
The next time you feel that your energy level decreases, instead of reaching for chocolate, take a couple of glasses of water. Even the smallest dehydration significantly reduces energy.

7. Relieves from kidney stones
Kidney stones are common, and those who find themselves in such a situation know how painful it may be, which should be a good reason to drink water. Drinking water in which you can squeeze a little lemon helps the body to throw away the stone from the body and at the same time it prevents its growth.

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