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5 Secrets From Women Who Look Younger Than They Are

Are you in your 40’s or older and you’re experiencing wrinkles, fine lines and other facial problems ? Aging skin can make a woman feel less confident and lessen their self-esteem. Millions of women today are determined to keep their skin youthful looking, so they apply different kinds of cream to their faces and other parts of their body to hide the aging signs on their skin. Lot of them spend a lot of money on things like Botox.

As technology advances, it also finds a more advanced and faster way to help many people in many things like treating aging, but first, you need to know and understand the things that make us look old and then find a way to stay young looking, even in your middle age years. Those over the age of 40 will find that some changes such as developing new skin care and eating rituals are needed to stay looking young. As your skin and body age, changing the way you take of your body and style yourself can help you take a decade or more off of your look.

But time seems to have stopped for these girls, who look like they’ve been drinking from the fountain of youth. Here are 5 useful advises from them:


They prioritize organization

“I keep my home as clutter-free as possible. I file papers away immediately, so they aren’t lying around. The surfaces in my house are completely bare; for example, the only thing on my kitchen counter is my coffee pot. When everything is neat and organized, it automatically decreases my stress levels. Since I’m so anal about that, I can let other messes go. For example, I was playing with shaving cream and food coloring with my son today, and it ended up all over the place—on the dog, on the couch, on the carpet. But the giggles coming from my son were all worth it. I think this sort of attitude has really helped me look younger, despite the fact that I have a crappy diet and drink way too much coffee and not enough water.”
–Jen Scott, 39


They exfoliate like crazy

“I use a nail brush—yeah, I know, brutal, but my loofah just wasn’t doing the trick—to scrub my entire body every day. I’ve been doing this since my early 30s after having kids. Since my skin was so loose, stretched, and dry, I thought exfoliating would be a good way to refresh the skin, get some blood flowing, and maybe, possibly, hide some cellulite. And it totally works. As a bonus, when I apply self-tanning moisturizer, it goes on really evenly.”
–Renata Bregstone, 43


They grease themselves up

“I smear Vaseline all over my face at night—my cheeks, eyelids, under my eyes, my neck, everywhere. It locks in moisture and keeps my face looking smooth and supple. I know I should be using an expensive over-the-counter or prescription retinol product, but they make my eyes itchy. I’ve always wondered about those reports claiming Vaseline is actually toxic, but as a physician, I figure if it hasn’t killed me yet, and I’ve been doing it for over 20 years, it probably won’t. I also sleep with the windows open at night, even when it’s extremely hot or extremely cold. I think it’s good to get some fresh air on my skin while I sleep.”
Carey August, MD, 59


They cut out certain foods—and add in others

“I gave up gluten and dairy about 3 years ago, and I immediately saw changes in my skin. It looked less sallow, small creases were ironed out, and it just seemed shinier and healthier. I also eat a lot of healthy fat: I have a whole avocado every day, which is full of monounsaturated fats; I snack on nuts between meals, and I try to have fatty fish like salmon two or three times a week. Plus, I make a vegetable smoothie that has the spice turmeric in it, which is a potent anti-inflammatory that helps your body and skin fight aging.”
–Jennifer Greene, 43


They embrace the indoors

“I’m 4’11” with a baby face, so I have always looked much younger than my age—that’s one reason I was carded at bars well into my 30s, and got a free bobblehead at a Mets game when I was 33 and passed for under 14. But another important reason is that I rarely venture out into the sun. I almost never go to the beach, and I’m not an outdoorsy person. On weekends or on vacation, I’d rather do cultural things like go to a matinee theater performance or to a museum.”
–Marisa Cohen, 48



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